Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Inventive products by Delhi at the 11th Auto Expo 2012 include:

    Aluminum Cable: provide significant weight reduction of up to 48 percent over customary copper core    cable without sacrifice recital. This weight decrease will directly help in raising the vehicle’s fuel
    Electrical Centers: provide lightweight and compact optimized electrical architecture solutions, while reducing space and weight, boost vehicle competence and lowering emission
    Five Cylinder Compact Variable Compressors: Engineered to be lightweight yet high-strength, Delphi’s CVC compressors has a die-cast aluminum shell, and provide better comfort, fuel economy and dehumidification
    High concert Front and Rear Combination HVAC Module:  Eliminating the need for together front and rear HVAC units, Delphi‘s mishmash module utilize one front high performance HVAC module that delivers hot or cold air via ducts in the floor and pillars in the cabin..  The innovative HVAC module reduces mass, takes up fewer space, uses less electrical power and refrigerant while motionless providing passenger soothe.
    12mm Folded Tube Condenser: Delphi’s relations of condensers utilize either extruded or made-up tube skill and comprise the industry’s thinnest condenser at just 12 mm deep. This sole fabricated tube technology is mass and cost leaders while as long as improved condense presentation.


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